Start your Assessment

We set up a step by step to show how you can register on the platform and carry out your evaluation.

The procedure is very simple and fast (+ – 20 min) and is divided into the Player Module and the Club Module.



Step 1 Make your registration on the website, click on LOGIN and then on SIGN UP. If you are already registered, enter your login. – Tutorial

Step 2 – After creating your login, fill in your profile information. The profile is about player information. That is right;  you must fill in this information, too. – Tutorial

Step 3 – After filling out your profile and confirming the information, click on NEW TEST. – Tutorial

Step 4 – Watch the instructions and perform your test (the test takes approximately 15 minutes). Make sure to perform it on a computer and avoid distractions while performing. – Tutorial

Step 5 – At the end of your test, you will already have access to your general results on the main page of your account. In order to access your complete results, you will have the option to pay it on this same page. Click on pay and fill in the information to complete the procedure. – Tutorial

Step 6 – Now that your test is released, access your results by clicking on REPORT. We prepared this Tutorial to help you interpret the results of your individual report.



Step 1 – Register your soccer club or school on the TacticUP platform ( – Tutorial

Step 2 – Request your players to register on the platform or perform their registration if you prefer. – Tutorial

Step 3 – Create the categories on the platform, considering how your institution is organized (e.g., U-11, U-12, U-13 soccer teams) and insert the players into each category. – Tutorial

Step 4 – Request the players to perform the test by creating a Test Application. – Tutorial

Step 5 – After the tests were finished, you must insert credits to be able to release the results (click at the Credits button).

Step 6 – After inserting the credits, you can release and view the results, generating both individual and collective reports. – Tutorial


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