Soccer Experience


The Soccer Experience is a nationwide event, created from an initiative by the Centre of Research and Studies in Soccer (NUPEF), from the Universidade Federal de Viçosa, coordinated by Prof. Dr. Israel Teoldo da Costa, with the purpose of disseminating and promoting knowledge on Soccer. The idea of designing this event emerged from the necessity of addressing up-to-date content about Soccer, which were not solely linked to the theoretical and scientific contexts, but also focused on the daily practical applications in soccer schools, as well as in the great national and international clubs.

Therefore, with the purpose of providing relevant experiences for the participants and to help spreading the knowledge produced in the world’s major research centers, the Soccer Experience, in each of its editions, valued the presence of international guests references in their respective areas of intervention. In its previous seven editions, the event was attended by professors/researchers of international prominence, such as: Prof. Dr. Andrew Mark Williams, from the University of Utah – USA; Prof. Dr. Júlio Garganta, Prof. Dr. José Guilherme Oliveira, Prof. Dr. José Afonso, Prof. Dr. Daniel Barreira and Prof. Dr. Isabel Mesquita from the University of Porto – Portugal; Prof. Dr. António Figueiredo, from the University of Coimbra – Portugal; Prof. Dr. Tomas Patrick, from the South Australian Sports Institute (SASI) – Australia; Prof. Dr. Tomás Garcia Calvo, from the University of Extremadura – Spain.

For the 2020 edition, the 8th Soccer Experience will expand its format and expects more international guests with great experience, and who also contribute to the development of professionals who work in the main soccer leagues in the world. We hope that the presence of renowned professionals from different parts of the world, particularly from Europe, in an event with such characteristics, will allow us to learn the best practices within these contexts, besides enabling an exchange of information and ideas that may benefit the professionals who want to improve their current practices or even to prepare themselves to work within the national and international markets.

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