Performance Analysis

The Laboratory of Match Analysis uses for its studies modern match analysis procedures and software. The match analyses are carried out through, mainly, the software Soccer Analyzer which was developed to provide support to the System of Tactical Assessment in Soccer (FUT-SAT). FUT-SAT is a system of tactical assessment which allows the progress in terms of objective measurements from players’ actions in the playing field. Based upon key soccer tactical principles, FUT-SAT is the ideal tool for conducting a contextualized and longitudinal assessment of the players during the entire training process. Through results arising from FUT-SAT, coaches are able to model their training sessions according to the limitations and tactical potentialities of their players, so as to ensure the maximization of their players’ sports development. This Laboratory also features the system of tracking and monitoring players’ movements (GPSPORTS) and the game analysis systems (CODA and SPORTSCODE), in a partnership with the company SPORTSTEC. These systems are used to conduct studies that help coaches to improve training sessions and maximize players’ development, particularly at youth levels.

Example of video for filming the FUT-SAT



Prof. Israel Teoldo da Costa (PhD)

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