Performance Analysis

The Performance Analysis Lab uses modern game analysis procedures and software and online platforms to evaluate players’ ability to read the game and make decisions. The match analysis procedures mainly use the Soccer View software, developed to support the System of Tactical Assessment in Soccer (FUT-SAT). FUT-SAT is a tactical evaluation system that allows progress in terms of objective measurements of players’ movement on the field of play. Based on the core tactical principles of the soccer game, FUT-SAT is the ideal tool to perform a contextualized and longitudinal evaluation of players throughout the training process.

In addition, the laboratory uses the TacticUP online platform to objectively and assertively evaluate the players’ ability to read the game and make decisions. Based on real game situations, the player is evaluated on the time he needs to read a play and make a decision for different game situations that occur near or far from the ball, in the offensive or defensive phase. Among the advantages of the platform is its easy application, since it requires only a computer and internet, taking about 15 minutes to perform the test, which generates individual and collective reports (of the team) immediately after the test is finished.

Through the results coming from FUT-SAT and TacticUP, coaches/teachers can model their training sessions according to their players’ tactical limitations and potentials and their ability to read the game and make decisions to ensure the maximization of their players’ sporting development. In addition, this Lab also has the GPSPORT, which is a tracking and monitoring system of players’ movement. These systems are used to develop studies that help coaches/teachers to improve training sessions and maximize the development of intelligent and creative players for the game, both in youth and professional teams.


Prof. Israel Teoldo da Costa (PhD)

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