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Postgraduate Degree in Soccer


  • Further the education of professionals in Physical Education and related areas who are interested in working in professional and junior soccer, in many disciplines.
  • Improve the level of human resources who work in formal university education.
  • Stimulate scientific production, improving the quality of work in soccer.
  • Develop greater levels of applied knowledge to soccer, from the initial phase to professional levels.
  • Stimulate integration between professionals from other areas of knowledge directly related to soccer.

Target Audience

The course is designed for professionals who possess university degrees related to soccer, especially: Physical Education, Journalism, Administration/Economy, Physiotherapy, Medicine, Nutrition, Psychology, Law, and Sociology.

Other professionals may attend the course as long as they justify their reasons, and will be subject to pertinent judgment from the coordinating commission.

Curricular Structure

The course workload is comprised by 390 hours, distributed in 11 disciplines, resulting in 26 credits. The course is subdivided in two big blocks of concentration of approximately 23 days of class in each block, with 8 hours of theoretical and practical classes daily. The academic tours occur during the second block, and include visits to the Training Centers of soccer clubs in Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro and the CBF. The visits are subject to previous authorization of the club directors.

The disciplines of the course are structured in three groups:

  1. Pedagogical (120 hours – 8 credits)
  2. Base (90 hours – 6 credits)
  3. Specific (180 – 12 credits)

The course requires classroom presence.

Complementary activities are proposed between the first block (July) and the second block (January), corresponding to technical visits to soccer teams in the home areas of the students.

In order to conclude the course the student must present a final project, full approval in all subjects and full tuition payment. The final project (FP) must be presented within two years after the start of the course.

The student can present his/her final project as a (an):

  1. Article
  2. Dissertation with an examining board
  3. Book
  4. Chapter of a book
  5. DVD
  6. Software



The faculty of the course includes a series of professionals divided into two big groups: invited lecturers and regular lecturers of the disciplines. In the table below, the names of the active teachers are displayed. The participation of the professors varies according to their availability at the time of the course, especially in the case of invited professors. For adequate qualification of the students, professors possess either excellent academic qualification, mostly doctorates, or work at professional or junior soccer. This balance provides the student with a unique experience, which improves the quality of the classes.

Effective Lecturers:

Name Institution
Prof. Ms. Afonso Timão UFV
Profa. Dra. Amanda Piaia Silvatti UFV
Prof. Dr. Israel Teoldo Costa UFV
Prof. Dr. João Carlos Bouzas Marins UFV
Prof. Dr. José Geraldo do C. Salles UFV
Prof. Dr. Jorge Roberto Perrout Lima UFV/UFJF
Prof. Dr. Marcelo Matta UFV/UFJF
Prof. Dr. Márcio Assis Fluminense FC
Profa. Dra. Mariana Calábria Lopes UFV
Prof. Dr. Paulo Lanes Lobato UFV
Prof. Dr. Paulo Roberto dos S. Amorim UFV
Prof. Dr. Próspero Brum Paoli UFV
Prof. Dr. Renato Miranda UFV/UFJF
Prof. Dr. Thales Nicolau Primola Gomes UFV
Prof. Ms. Romário Cardozo UFV


Invited Lecturers:

  Prof. Esp. Alexandre Graselli   Prof. Carlos Brazil
  Prof. Esp. Alexandre Lopes   Prof. Ms. André Mazzuco
  Prof. Chafit Antônio Felipe Filho   Prof. Marcelo Teixeira
  Prof. Dr. Eduardo Pimenta   Prof. Emerson Ávila
  Physician Rodrigo Lasmar   Prof. Dr. José Cícero Moares
  Prof. Dr. Jeferson Macedo Vianna   Prof. Rafael Vieira
  Prof. Dr. Maurício Gattas Bara Filho   Prof. Lucas Oliveira
  Prof. Ms. Felippe Cardoso   Prof. Luiz Antônio Venker Menezes
  Prof. Ms. Felipe Moniz   Prof. Sidnei Lobo
  Prof. Ms. Rodrigo Santos   Prof. Ms. Ricardo Leão Andrade
  Prof. Ms. Maickel Bach Padilha   Prof. Enderson Moreira
  Prof. Ms. Eder Gonçalves   Prof. Ricardo Valério Leão
  Prof. Dr. Mauro Heleno Chagas   Profa. Dra. Isabel Mesquita
  Nutritionist Myrla Melo   Prof. Dr. Júlio Garganta
  Prof. Ney Franco   Prof. Dr. José Guilherme Oliveira
  Prof. Ricardo Drubscky   Prof. Dr. António Figueiredo
  Prof. Dr. Osvaldo Torres   Prof. Dr. Mark Williams
  Prof. Ms. Maurício Pimenta   Prof. Dr. Allistair McRobert
  Prof. Dr. Franco Noce   Prof. Dr. André Roca
  Prof. Dr. Varley Costa   Prof. Dr. José Afonso Neves
  Prof. Dr. Pablo Juan Greco   Prof. Dr. Ricardo Duarte
  Prof. Esp. Roberto Chiari   Prof. Dr. Tomas Garcia Calvo
  Prof. Esp. Igor Custódio   Prof. Dr. Keith Davids
  Prof. Esp. Guilherme Fialho   Prof. Dr. Peter O’Donoghue
  Prof. Esp. Igor Guerra   Prof. Sixto Gonzales-Villora
  Prof. Dr. Cristiano Diniz   Prof. Dr. Markus Raab
  Prof. Ms. Marcelo Lima   Prof. Dr. Jens Bangsbo
  Prof. Renê Simões   Prof. Ms. João Paulo Medina
  Prof. Alcides Scaglia   Prof. Ms. César Andrade
  Prof. Ms. Marcelo Vilhena Silva

The group of invited lecturers may vary according to their availability, whereas different professionals can be invited.

Check out the Lattes platform to find the academic curriculum of each lecturer that is part of the regular lecturers.

Contact with lecturers and their curriculums:


Click here to access the syllabus (In Portuguese).

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