Currently, an extensive body of published research highlights the most effective developmental pathways for creating elite athletes in many sports. In particular, researches have identified the underlying skills that contribute to expert ‘game intelligence’ in soccer. Moreover, members of our team have already conducted research to implement training programmes to facilitate the more rapid acquisition of these skills in soccer. In sum, ‘game intelligence’ can now be routinely tested and trained in high-performance environments.

We plan to extend this battery to include more extensive and wide-ranging physical, physiological, psychological and technical/tactical measures. In this sense, we can employ a multi-disciplinary battery of tests with children, male and female, across all stages of development. The collection of such data will enable us to develop an evidence-based model to support and refine existing processes and procedures used by clubs to select players for progression to older age groups within their academy.

Some of tests of our battery are described below:

  • Test of Tactical Behaviour and performance
  • Test of ‘game intelligence’ skills
  • Test of decision-making
  • Measures of psychological attributes such as grit
  • Mental toughness
  • Motivation and resilience
  • Test for Life and sportive career planning

We also can use our battery of test to improve performance of referees, managers, coaches. If you are interested to have a customized proposal, please contact us

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