Course and Analyst Certification

The training course to become an analyst of the System of Tactical Assessment in Soccer (FUT-SAT) takes place in a blended scheme. It is organized in two modules, in which the first is mandatory and the second optional. The second module is intended for those who want to receive the official FUT-SAT analyst certification. The first module of the course is carried out on site, usually within two days of classes, covering theoretical and practical aspects of the analysis process. Students who achieve 75% attendance in this first module receive a certificate of participation.

The second module is carried out remotely over a period of approximately two weeks and is aimed at those who want to deepen their knowledge of the analysis process and to qualify to receive the official FUT-SAT analyst certification. For this, an evaluation task is performed, in which participants have to reach a minimum score in order to receive the certificate. Analysts who receive the certification are qualified to perform FUT-SAT analyses using the Soccer View 1.0® software. In addition, if interested, the analysts can be included in an analysts’ database, through which they can be reached to carry out game assessments through FUT-SAT, as a paid service.

The course is held at least once a year, in the city of Viçosa – MG, Brazil. It can also be held in other locations, on demand. Those interested in holding the course in their cities should send an email to Information on course dates are disclosed at the NUPEF website ( and social medias, such as Instagram (@nupef) and Facebook (Núcleo de Pesquisa e Estudos em Futebol – NUPEF).

To participate in the course, a computer running the Microsoft Windows® operational system is required for the installation of the Soccer View 1.0® software.

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