Physiology Apllied to Soccer

There are three research lines developed at LAPEH with soccer being an excellent study field, not only at a professional level, but also at youth or amateur levels. Those studies are related to:

  1. Sports Nutrition
    1. Hydration and Dehydration
    2. Ergogenic Resources
    3. Level of Nutritional Knowledge
    4. Nutritional Support.
  2. Physiological Charge
    1. HR Answers in Competition Environment.
    2. HR Answers in Training Environment.
    3. Hematologic Answers in Training and also in Competition.
    4. Covered Distance in Training and Competition.
  3. Physical Tests.
    1. Field and Laboratory tests to Evaluate the VO2max.
    2. Test to Evaluate The Main Physical Qualities Required by the Sport Being Studied.
    3. Anthropometric Profile in Athletes.

Prof. João Carlos Bouzas Marins (PhD)
Academic Curriculum (Lattes)


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