Project Presentation

The creation of the project “UFV SOCCER ACADEMY” is a initiative Centre of Research and Studies in Soccer – NUPEF, from the Universidade Federal de Viçosa. The centre aims to shape qualified professionals with theoretical basis for Soccer (more details:

The build of this project was pertinent due to the necessity to benefit the children of our community with the application of the most modern knowledge and most recent produced national and international literature. Thus, the children participating in this project will have access to a developing process in sports based in proven scientific assumption.

The project also aims to encourage thru sports practice the access to some expression of the English language that awakens the interest of the children in a bilingual development, that later can provide a professional and academic advantage. For that, classes will introduce some English terms related to the soccer play and that will awaken, in the children, an interest for the language.

The activities will be developed based on the methodology “Escola da Bola”, “Iniciação Esportiva Universal” and “Teaching Games for Understanding”. The activities will happen twice a week, for 40 minutes each, and will have, primarily, playful and educational characteristics.

As a way to aid future interventions and methodological alterations, scientific records will be kept, that will be important to widen the knowledge around the process involved in developing intelligent and creative children for the game.

As a result, we expect the project to contribute to the development of the children, around the knowledge of soccer and as citizens. Furthermore, we believe that with this proposal, the students can awaken the interest to lern the English language and, the undergraduates of the Physical Education course can be more qualified thru this project.

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