Testimonials and Alumni

Testimonials and Alumni Class 11

Name: Luis Felipe Domingos
State: São Paulo
Function: Physical Educator

I used to see professional and youth soccer only in a superficial way, the training was not discussed. Here we discuss the training process from culture to more specific elements. The strong point is undoubtedly the content covered in the classes, but we have to take into account the networking, the teaching staff and the academic visits that also contributed to the qualification.

Name: Raimundo Rosa
State: Bahia
Function: Soccer Teacher and Coach

I’m from Bahia, and little by little, the Specialization impacts the state. However, new students are slowly improving the most diverse regions in Brazil with each graduating class, including mine.

Name: Jorge Salaberry Viana
State: Brasília
Function: SEDF Teacher, Master’s Degree Student at UCB, and Fitness Trainer

The teaching staff is excellent. No comments! The networking, the visits to soccer clubs for me were the decisive factor to come here. In some of these clubs, for example, we had classes structured by professionals who work there.

Name: Jaqueane Correa Cancela
State: Minas Gerais

I learned to organize better and plan my training. Analyze and stop thinking only about the activity itself and the impact it has on the individual. This allowed me to see things differently. It is exceeding my expectations. I recommend that you take the Football Specialization course, especially for us women, because there are still few women working in soccer, and the course is very enriching.

Name: Paulo Augusto Han
State: Santa Catarina
Function: Information Technology Professor

This is a unique experience; they are high-level professionals. I am in contact with an extensive range of knowledge. I would recommend the quality of the course, the exchange of experience, and the professionals’ capacity here. The strong point for sure is access to information, clubs, and people who are already working in the soccer field.

Name: Ícaro Leonardo Cardoso Bezerra
State: Alagoas
Position: Assistant coach of União Desportiva Alagoana (UDA) women’s team from Maceió

When we go to Viçosa-MG, we start to see soccer more broadly; we start to consider all the areas that encompass soccer. This allows us to improve the training setup and, consequently, the players’ training. The organization of the Specialization course in soccer and the teachers are the strong points of the course.

Name: Jonh Clauder Santana Filho
State: Bahia
Function: Assistant coach of ADJ-Jequié

The course, in general, added a lot to both the theoretical and practical parts, opening several doors to work in professional soccer this year. The visits are very rich and with many exchanges of experiences.

Name: Ygor Vieira da Costa
State: Rio de Janeiro
Position: Coach BUSA under-14 and Assistant coach – Kent Island HS

The environment created in the practical work made it possible to discuss ideas and break paradigms. Today, we see courses and seminars and cannot emerge in the process of discussion and creating new ideas. Here in the Specialization course in soccer, this is possible and encouraged by the teachers.

Name: Marcelo de Araújo Matos
State: Rio de Janeiro
Position: Performance Analyst at C.R. Flamengo

In my case, it has been very profitable, I’ve just received a proposal to be a performance analyst at Flamengo, and in the first classes, this subject was approached a lot. Without any doubt the course has already changed my practice, made me think about a series of things that I have been doing and intend to do. I highlight three points: 1) a better view on training planning, 2) I think of the athlete as the main focus of the activity and not the exercise, and 3) the evaluation processes to analyze the game and the athletes.

Name: Thiago Pinca Badari
State: São Paulo
Position: Under 17 Coach of Red Bull Brasil

I really liked the tactical modeling and training; seeing the exercise differently on the field is already helping me a lot. Tactical training is the main point and the differential in comparison to other specialization courses. I would recommend the course mainly for the more player-centered vision in developing the athlete.

Name: Franz Wendell Silva
State: Minas Gerais
Position: Under 17 Betim Soccer Coach

Everything that I have seen here in this period meets what I had heard positively from colleagues who attended previous classes. The themes, the teachers, the professionals, the physical space of the place where the classes are held. I really liked the subjects that I am more affinity with, such as tactical modeling and tactical training, and the others for general knowledge. I feel that I leave here better qualified than when I started. The content learned here has made me reinvent myself as a professional. Today I have new ideas, and I began to have other truths.

Name: Leonardo Ducci
State: Paraná
Position: Assistant/performance analyst of Ferroviária de Araraquara under 17

The strength of the Specialization is in the pioneering in presenting evaluations and equipment that are used to evaluate decision making and cognitive aspects of soccer players. For example, through TacticUP we can reorganize our practical activities based on individual characteristics and not on the drill for itself, favoring a more qualified training process. I would recommend the course for sure; today I have employed thanks to a person who took the class with me. Of course, it has an academic bias, but the relationships we build here are also meaningful.

Name: Marco Antônio Viana Filho
State: Rio Grande do Sul
Function: Technical Assistant

The course will indeed change my form of intervention in practice. The subjects that approached the tactical content made us think and realize that tactics are fundamental. I would recommend the Specialization, because it was a water divisor; it gave me knowledge about the main instruments of tactical evaluation and how this can impact and qualify the training. Besides, the bonds created between the teachers and the students were essential. I highlight here the exchange of experiences and the concern with a more human formation based on the construction of good life values.

Name: Rogério Bonorino
State: Rio Grande do Sul

The teaching staff is very qualified; the teachers have a significant concern in aligning the knowledge of theory with practice.The educational visits were also exciting; we had the opportunity to know the reality of great clubs and their organization/management from the youth to the professional level. During the visits, many professionals from the clubs welcomed us and were open to transmitting their knowledge. The course exceeded my expectations!

Name: Lucas Francisco Nóbrega
State: Pernambuco
Position: Under 15 Coach – Barros Talent Brazil

The strong point of the Specialization is the high level of knowledge of the teachers and the depth level in which the contents are approached. This makes all the difference in our training. No doubt, the contents taught will change my way of practical intervention. For example, I work with market analysis, but the understanding that I had in this module on tactical analysis and tactical modeling will impact my day-to-day and will significantly optimize this process.

Name: Andrey Piffero
State: Itaqui, Rio Grande do Sul
Role: Under-15 coach, Ubaense Esporte Clube.

The knowledge acquired in the first module led me to a significant change in my practical activities. In addition, the course gave me subsidies in terms of setting up the training, pedagogical orientation, and the structural organization of the same. The tactical modeling part was essential to change my thinking; I started to worry more about the players’ characteristics and individuality and how this would impact the collective context.

I recommend you to take the Specialization in Soccer course, it allows rich networking with people from different regions, being the students and teachers. Besides, the teaching staff and the contents approached are strong points of the course. As a result, today, I have a more systemic view of training, and I feel more prepared for the challenges that will arise throughout my career.

Name: Álvaro Carvalho Martins
City: Ceará
Position: Under-15 Coach Ceara

“Besides being a great training opportunity, here we have the exchange of knowledge both between student-teacher and student-student. In addition, here is a good start to enter the job market.”

Name: Adriano Ricardo da Silva
City: Minas Gerais
Position: Coach at the Arena Vasco Divinópolis

“I think that in all states, all professionals should do this specialization. Especially those who work with soccer training. I even recommend it because the search for knowledge should never stop, where there is always something new to learn, and here there are recent trends that make us constantly update.

Name: Renan Renato Cruz dos Santos
City: Brasília

“Good, very practical, with the integration of theory and practice. Besides, it is very applied to the reality of the base and the professional.”

Name: Diego Souza Lima Maranha
City: Minas Gerais
Position: Coach of Conceição de Mato Dentro team

“It is giving me more autonomy. Before, I was a coach; now, I know how to be a coach. The content is very in-depth, the structure at UFV is excellent, and there is a lot of knowledge.”

Name: Frederico Santana Lopes
City: Goiás
Position: Coach at Goiânia E. C.

“Good. Very high level of information and very diversified, with a lot of workloads. Little by little, I intend to take the knowledge acquired here to Goiânia soccer. I recommend the Specialization because every professional involved in soccer should go through here, due to the references that he has, to make a difference in soccer.

Name: Lucas Duarte
City: Santa Catarina

“Here is the time to exchange soccer experience, through total immersion, with competent teachers.”

Name: Gustavo Henrique Lourenço Caetano
City: Minas Gerais
Position: Vasco da Gama Under-12 Coach

“The strong point of the specialization is the new ideas, updated content most of the time, and applicable. In addition, all faculty demonstrated mastery of the content.”

Name: Douglas Smith Chuva Genn
City: Rio de Janeiro
Position: Personal Trainer

“Excellent opportunity for knowledge, socializing with the teachers, with an excellent curriculum, with a lot of personal and professional knowledge. Here is a reference in the soccer world in the country”.

Name: João Alves Alves da Silva Júnior
City: Amazonas

“The course is perfect; I can see that everything I learn here is related to what I study. Overall, I see that the course can add a lot in theory, especially the practice, because it is still fragile.”

Testimonials and Alumni Class 10

Name: Alexandre Hilbert
City: Santa Tereza – ES
Function: Physical Education Teacher

“The Specialization in Soccer at UFV is a unique moment in our lives. The interpersonal relationships that are established between students and teachers allow the exchange of knowledge and experiences. In addition, the quality of the content, the knowledge that teachers demonstrate on each topic and the association that is made with the reality of soccer, enables the students of the course to work at the most different sporting levels. ”

Name: Allan Barcelos
City: Porto Alegre – RS
Position: Under-11 Coach at Grêmio Football Porto-Alegrense

“The teaching staff of the course is excellent. Very high-level and well-regarded professionals form it. The contents that were taught will greatly change my practice and the practice of those who live with me. This is because all the content has strong arguments, has logic and foundation, and when we discussed them in the course it was difficult to find arguments against these issues. In general, I think that the Specialization in Soccer was great. In addition, I think I have everything to put into practice the knowledge acquired during Specialization in the club where I work and where I am inserted to make more people believe in this purpose. ”

Name: Carlos Felipe Frazão.
City: Belém – PA
Position: Physical Education Teacher

“Without a doubt, I would recommend the Specialization course in Soccer to people who intend to work with this theme or intend to improve their knowledge in the area. Sometimes, the professional wants to be a soccer coach and doesn’t know how to start. The Specialization in Soccer at UFV has proven to be a great opportunity to acquire knowledge and experience about soccer. The process in Viçosa is different. Here you learn and leave with a background rich in knowledge. ”

Name: Estephano Kiremitdjan Neto
City: São Paulo – SP
Role: Technical Assistant Under-17 and Athlete Training at Cruzeiro Esporte Clube.

“All the professionals here are well qualified and have a lot of knowledge in their fields, especially Professor Israel. Nowadays, if you do not specialize, it is much more challenging to enter and remain in the job market. The knowledge you acquire and the search for more knowledge will back up your work and contribute to you staying in the job. ”

Name: Flaviane Maia
City: São Joaquim de Bicas – MG
Position: Psychologist – Specialist in Sport Psychology

“Today, I see that soccer is going through an evolution and a revolution. The growth is because many people seek knowledge, seeking specialization, for example, ex-athletes and newly graduated people. This fact results in a revolution, that is, a change in people’s mentality. A very positive shift in mentality, by the way. ”

Name: Guilherme Redecker
City: Caxias do Sul – RS
Position: Performance Analyst at Esporte Clube Juventude

“I recommend the course of Specialization in Soccer at UFV because it is a course with qualified professionals, interested people, and a great work structure. I believe that everyone who had the opportunity to participate in the course left here better professionals than when they arrived.”

Name: Hugo Leonardo
City: Recife – PE
Position: Performance Analyst

“The teaching staff is of the highest quality. All the professors are references not only in Brazil but also in the world. One example is Professor Israel. He is a reference for us, who work with performance analysis, due to his understanding of the game. In addition, his book is widely cited by people who work with soccer and is used by us as a reference in the search for knowledge. These factors added together make it easier for us to understand and learn. ”

Name: Jade Lopes
City: Muriaé – MG
Position: Soccer Coach at Ubaense Sports Center

“I totally recommend the Specialization in Soccer at UFV, not only for the fame that Viçosa has in the training of professionals who work with soccer. However, also for the qualification of the professionals who teach the classes and the students who participate in the specialization. The Specialization in Soccer at UFV is already something consolidated; for example, people from outside Brazil have already taken classes with us, which adds a lot to the knowledge acquisition process. ”

Name: Luis Fábio
City: Londrina – PR
Function: Coach at Hope F. C.

“The Specialization in Soccer at UFV is intense, with a lot of baggage of knowledge and learning. In addition, it enables the exchange of experiences and expertise with professionals who work in other cities in the most diverse functions. This exchange of information, knowledge, and the content taught by the teachers, is the differential for the process of professional and personal formation of the students. ”

Name: Mauricio Teixera
City: Fortaleza – CE
Role: Under-14 Coach at Juazeiro Empreendimentos Esportivos

“I would encourage everyone who is thinking or already planning to come to the course to book it on their calendar and prepare for the next class. The system is not simple, as it is very demanding. In total, there are 22 days in the first module that are very intense that you discuss soccer with your classmates, in and out of the classroom. The discussions are of the highest level and highly enriching. ”

Name: Osvaldo Henrique Pereira
City: Rio de Janeiro – RJ
Position: Methodology Coordinator at Next Academy

“Since I was studying Physical Education at UFMG, I dreamed of doing the Specialization Course in Soccer at UFV, which at the time was in its Class III or IV. I always had fantastic feedbacks from former Specialization students who encouraged me to take the course. Today I understand what my colleagues were saying about the system and the quality of the professionals here. I certainly recommend the course to all people who intend to work with soccer and search for a more excellent knowledge. The Specialization in Soccer at UFV is an excellent option. ”

Name: Rafael Chaves
City: Natal – RN
Function: Soccer Coach

“The fact that I follow NUPEF through social networks and know the articles and works done by the group motivated me to be part of class X of the Specialization in Soccer. Besides, I knew Prof. Israel and Prof. Próspero, through CBF licenses, made me give more credibility to the Specialization course and come to Viçosa to participate in the next class. The course exceeded my expectations, and I was delighted with the teachers, contents, and classes. In general, this first module was very satisfactory. ”

Name: Rafael Ecker
City: Nova Veneza – SC
Function: Soccer Coach

“The message I leave for the following groups is to come with a relaxed and calm mind. Forget your daily routine and make the most of what the course has to offer. You will undoubtedly leave here with another vision of soccer, and the system will add a lot to your curriculum. ”

Name: Thales Benfica
City: Belo Horizonte – MG
Position: Physical trainer for Clube Atlético Mineiro’s Under-14 category

“I liked the teachers, with academic and practical experiences in soccer. Indeed, what we see here in the course serves to deepen the theoretical content and direct our practice. Indeed, this first module will influence what I have been doing in my daily routine at the club. For example, how I will direct the contents, how the physical part will interact with the tactical and other components of the game. ”

Testimonials and Alumni Class 9

“The first part of the course was very good. The event started at a high level with the 4th Soccer Experience, followed by the content of the post-graduation course, contributing to my knowledge. In my case, since I am not a Physical Education professional but have been involved in sports, as a reporter, for 20 years, the course was important, providing me with depth in disciplines I had only superficial knowledge about. For example, the specifics of technique, tactics and the physical component were discussed. This is a high-level course that I have even recommended to friends who intend to work in this field, since there is a great immersion and we learn a lot about soccer.”

Name: Fernando Becker.

City: Porto Alegre – RS.

Job/Institution: Reporter – RBS TV – Rede Globo affiliate.

“It is always important to search for knowledge and learn the concepts correctly since this enables the breaking of paradigms and an improvement in professional qualification. During my time in Viçosa, I learned a lot and I will soon be able to put that in practice and use the theoretical foundation I acquired, in my post-graduation course. The course provided me with the basis to work in soccer, by selling me a product rather than mere illusions.”

Name: Jorge Eliecer Montaño Angulo

City: Colômbia – Buena Ventura

Job/Institution: Physical Education Teacher

“I was already acquainted to many of the subjects of the course because I work in the field. However it surprised me and made a difference in my theoretical knowledge and will surely influence the practical side of my job. I learned about the course through two professionals from Clube Atlético Mineiro who had already taken it. I recommend the course to all people who work or intend to work in soccer.”

Name: João Vitor Guimarães

City: Belo Horizonte – MG

Job/Institution: Conditioning Assistant Coach of Atlético Mineiro Club U-20

“It was a very positive experience because of the theoretical and scientific basis, proving that in practice everything is possible. The course met my expectations and the level of the lecturers and of the course itself is great. Two former students recommended and encouraged me to take the course. During my stay in Viçosa, I could see they were right when they said that the course would open my mind about my knowledge of soccer.”

Name: Tomas Andreas Scheiber Scherer

City: Paraguai

Job/Institution: Teacher in a social project that works in partnership with youth level soccer clubs

“I found this first part great. The module was very good and exceeded my expectations. I already had a positive view about Viçosa because of the people who studied and worked here. I acquired a lot of knowledge here. I became aware of the course through colleagues. They said that the post-graduation in soccer in Viçosa was renowned in Brazil. At the university I studied (PUC-Paraná), Viçosa was constantly mentioned as a reference in the field. Furthermore, I recommend the course because it is a big step in one’s professional and personal career. Viçosa is a great place to discuss soccer, since it is difficult to find people in Brazil who excel in the subject.”

Name: Diego Azambuja Giordano

City: Porto Alegre – RS

Job/Institution: Works at futsal and soccer schools

“The course was a novelty because I only had practical experience in sports. I possessed misleading concepts about soccer since Law was my original field, not Physical Education. This first module was a great learning experience because I changed my concepts about soccer. I have always wanted to work in this area so I started looking for institutions specialized in soccer as soon as I retired. Some people recommended Viçosa, the post-graduation course and Professor Israel. That was why I chose Viçosa to learn about soccer. I recommend the course to all those who want to work in the field, since I believe that soccer is a science, and new knowledge must be shared, which is what we did here.”

Name: Levindo Ildeu Lopes Xavier

City: Maravilhas – MG

Job/Institution: Retired

“The first stage of the course was great. It was an enriching experience for me. The lecturers and the content of the course helped me think about my concepts about soccer. I thought I knew a lot about soccer but as the course went on, I realized I was wrong. The course met my expectations. I was informed about the course by acquaintances from CBF. I was only able to enroll at the last day and the investment was well worth it because what we learned here will make us qualified and skilled professionals.”

Name: Lúcio Flavio Freire de Araújo

City: Maceió – AL

Job/Institution: Physical Education Teacher

“What I found essential in this first module was the relation between the scientific and practical elements. The lecturers introduced new studies, and with clarity, explained and allowed people who work in the area to understand the intrinsic and extrinsic factors of soccer. During the course, the lecturers provided moments of reflection, especially about the academy levels, which I consider to be very important in this first stage. I consider essential that more people take the course, especially because of the yearly updated knowledge by the new classes, new teaching practices and different lecturers.”

Name: Adriel Leal

City: Teresina – PI

Job/Institution: Conditioning Coach – Flamengo do Piauí Sport Club

“My future goal is to work with sport initiation with a given teaching/learning methodology and this was one of the reasons for taking the course. I am enjoying learning about the recreational pedagogic approach. This is helping me to develop a different view about the subject and has changed my mind about the work with older athletes. The lecturers are highly qualified. The first day of the course was awesome, with João Bouzas talking about management models. The 4th Soccer Experience was very good. The lectures changed my way of thinking and encouraged me to think about the place where I live and how it demands changes. The course also triggered other feelings like teaching at a university and sharing the knowledge accumulated over the time with other people.”

Name: Robinson Soares Gomes

City: Santos – SP

Job/Institution: Physical Education Teacher in two projects: CINTRA PORTE Foundation and Barcelona Social Soccer Complex Project.

“The course was great and met my expectations. All the lecturers are renowned in the area. They were able to apply scientific knowledge to the practical field. Moreover, the lecturers helped us to constantly reflect, thus encouraging us to find our own answers. The course does not focus solely on coach education; it also encourages us to take a master degree, to open a soccer school and to expand our horizons and minds to new possibilities.”

Name: Leandro Cristiano de Santana

City: Juiz de Fora – MG

Job/Institution: Physical Education Teacher

“Before the start of the course I did not have a lot of expertise in soccer. However, being a referee, the observation of athletes and trainers’ behaviour led me to investigate soccer more deeper. This includes conditioning, the team-athlete relation, tactics and the sport psychology. Thus, I started to look for a course that would provide me this knowledge. I found the course’s website and looked up the lecturers, subjects and projects carried out in Viçosa. I realized that the Universidade Federal de Viçosa is a reference in the field. The course met my expectations and I expect the second module to be even better.”

Name: Adrian Michel

City: Paraíba do Sul – RJ

Job/institution: Physical education teacher and referee

“Personally speaking, I found the course extraordinary. It provided me with a lot of new practical and theoretical knowledge. The professionals displayed great knowledge about the content and conveyed it clearly.  I am aware of the post-graduation course for 10 years ago and always intended to take it ever since. Only this year was I able to come to Viçosa, and I can say that my time here was very fruitful.”

Name: Marcelo de Abreu Brasão

City: São Paulo – SP

Job/Instituition: Soccer coach

“I found the first part of the course very good. It contributed to my personal and professional development. We constantly reflect and analyze situations and then apply this knowledge to our reality. I learned about the post-graduation course through the CBF courses and Professor Israel. The course in Viçosa is an extremely prolific experience, especially because of the concentration of knowledge here.”

Name: Michele Aline Kanitz

City: Mulçum – RS

Job/Instituition: Performance analyst

Testimonials and Alumni Class 1 to 8

The experience during the Postgraduate Degree course at the Universidade Federal de Viçosa was a turning point in my life. I will take some of the teachers with me forever because they helped me to learn a better way. The friendship and culture of the entire country are mixed in Viçosa. It provides wonderful learning and exchanging moments.”

Name: Eduardo Zuma.

City: Leme – SP.

Job/ Institution: Coach Coordinator of the Youth Academies at Coritiba Football Club.

Date: 10/12/2015.

“The postgraduate program here is a complete course. It covers almost everything in soccer and provides deeper information about many topics. For someone who comes from another country where soccer culture is not dominant, having the opportunity to learn all about the most practiced sport in the world is a highlight. This is clear when your knowledge about the subject is limited and you have the chance to meet many people with different points of view about the same phenomenon. In addition to that, the Centre of Research and Studies in Soccer – NUPEF, which helps to organize the program, represents an essential reference for those who want to learn more about soccer and to be part of the academic field. Finally, despite some challenges like the hot weather, the program also provides the opportunity of exchanging information, making new friends, and giving valuable collaborations. This is the essence of the sport. Therefore, the postgraduate degree in soccer is relevant, enjoyable, and important.

Name: Grégory Hallé Petiot.

City: Quebec (QC), Canadá.

Job/ Institution: Master Degree Student in Psycho-pedagogy, Laval University.

Date: 10/12/2015.

“Well, I begin reporting my postgraduate experiences with some acknowledgments. I am very grateful for what this capacitation provided me: today, I am a university professor (UFJF, Campus Governador Valadares). All the knowledge I gained, and mainly, the appreciation for producing knowledge helped my approval in the public tender. I was in the first class of the program. I still remember Professors João Bouzas and Próspero Paoli working on the idea of developing it. At that time I was an undergraduate student.

Since then, I have been watching the work developed here, which today is under the supervision of professor Israel. I had the opportunity to teach some special topics in two different occasions, and I accompanied the international insertion of this program when I came across its first international students. Its national extent was well known since my class.

I know that what arouses interest in us, as students, are the contents and the practical approach adopted. The postgraduate degree here is very rich in these areas and I consider extremely important the fact that the approach of the program is always systemic and based on scientific research. The demand of interventions supported by evidence is required in the current scenario of soccer. As in other areas, it is easy to see the need of specialized skills to work in the field of soccer. The amazing fact is that the postgraduate program here has been working on this perspective for more than 10 years. It was already clear that these measures would be necessary for our soccer to advance.

The experiences with the trips were fantastic. Even though I was newly graduated at that time and probably tired of the study routine, the feeling was awesome. After all, it provides greater theoretical and critical repertoire, maturity, and the pleasure of studying disciplines related to what we like the most: soccer. The debates were enriching. There were mixed opinions based on different realities. The applicability was always related to the context and there was contemplation from the lowest to the highest levels.”

Name: Cristiano Diniz Da Silva.

City: Viçosa – MG.

Job/ Institution: University Professor (UFJF, Campus Governador Valadares).

Date: 10/12/2015.

The course was extremely useful. It was beyond my expectations. I recommend it to everyone who would like to work in soccer. The quality of the lecturers made the learning process easier. A variety of topics related to soccer are taught throughout the program, ranging from physical, technical, tactical or psychological preparation of players, to club management and coach career. Also, academic visits to Brazilian clubs provided us with the chance of seeing the soccer environment closer, which contributed to the exchange of experiences between soccer professionals from all different environments in Brazil. In addition, the interaction between classmates allowed a better understanding of soccer reality in the different states of the country. The Postgraduate course in Soccer at UFV is an excellent opportunity for everyone interested in working in the soccer.”

Name: Victor Amorim Andrade-Souza.

City: Maceió – AL.

Job/ Institution: PhD student/ Universidade Federal de Pernambuco.

Date: 10/12/2015.

“The program exceeded my expectations. If the competence and organization of the professionals in the first stage of the course were positive points, the second stage came to confirm the high quality of the program. Then, after I shared knowledge and unforgettable moments with my classmates, I came back to Maceió with the confidence that I had accomplished the best postgraduate degree in soccer of the entire country. I certainly recommend it 100%.”

Name: José Ronaldo Alves Albuquerque Junior.

City: Maceió – AL.

Job/ Institution: Personal Trainer.

Date: 26/01/2013.

“The postgraduate degree in soccer added a lot to my personal and professional life. It has different methodologies, amazing lecturers and great theoretical and practical contents, which certainly helped me to become a better professional. I also had the chance to make friends and contacts that I will take with me for the rest of my life. I am grateful to the Universidade Federal de Viçosa for the excellent course provided to all of us.”

Name: Rodrigo de Brito.

City: Petrópolis – RJ.

Job/ Institution: Clube de Regatas do Flamengo Soccer School.

Date: 26/01/2013.

“The postgraduate degree was very important in the practical and theoretical aspects. Surely, today, I am more qualified and stimulated to learn more about soccer.”

Name: Pedro Cozza.

City: São Carlos – SP.

Job/ Institution: Coach coordinator and Soccer Manager

Date: 26/01/2013.

“The Postgraduate Degree in Soccer at UFV, which is a reference to the whole country, was a great network of interpersonal relation that qualifies to the highest level people who are willing to believe in the excellence of soccer.”

Name: Suhey Salim.

City: Hipólito – MG.

Job/ Institution: Soccer and Futsal Manager.

Date: 26/01/2013.

“The Postgraduate Degree in Soccer at the Universidade Federal de Viçosa exceeded all my expectations. The topics taught were trendy and updated. They are specific for those who work or wish to work in this field. The lecturers taught with great didactics. They did not deny any information about the topics covered. In addition, they had the ability to transfer information from the lectures to the practical aspects. I believe that the program gave me a lot of information that will certainly make the difference in the job market.”

Name: Cauan Felipe de Almeida.

City: Betim – MG.

Job/ Institution: Soccer Manager .

Data: 26/01/2013.

“The Postgraduate Degree at the Federal University of Viçosa is certainly the best in the country when the subject is soccer. The fact that we stayed one month in Viçosa, during the two stages of the course, only thinking about and studying soccer, helped us a lot to develop knowledge. The lecturers were amazing. They were always willing to transfer their knowledge to the students in a clearly way. Moreover, there was the opportunity to exchange experiences with classmates and soccer professionals from all over the country. Therefore, it is not a coincidence that this program has been helping many qualified professionals to enter the Brazilian soccer job market.”

Name: Victor Andrade Souza.

City: Maceió – AL.

Job/ Institution: Master Degree student in nutrition.

Date: 26/01/2013.

“I have enjoyed the course. The quality of the lecturers, which are references everywhere, is one positive point. They covered all kinds of disciplines. We had classes about the physical, tactical, technical and psychological areas. We also learned a lot with our classmates from all regions of Brazil. In the second part of the program, I hope to apply what I have learned to the practical classes. We will visit the small, medium and big clubs of Brazil. I recommend the Postgraduate Degree in UFV for every professional who wants to work with soccer. I am not aware of another program better than this.”

Name: Carlos Magno Fernandes Filho.

City: Carlos Magno – MS.

Job/ Institution: Conditioning coach.

Date: 29/07/2013.

“I enjoy the program very much. It is a full immersion in the subject. We have classes during the whole day, and there is no waste of time here. We learn a lot. Some positive points of the program include the level of the lecturers, great networking, and the opportunities of getting to know people from all over the country. In the second part of the program, we will have a lot of practice sessions, trips, and visits to clubs. Then, the knowledge we acquired so far will be applied. I have already attended some other courses before, but none as good as this. The return is guaranteed for those who are interested in soccer. The cost/benefit is worthwhile.”

Name: Juliano Okubo.

City: Porto Alegre – RS.

Job/ Institution: Player development Project “F.C. Osaka Brasil”.

Date: 29/07/2013.

“The faculty involved in this Postgraduate Degree Program in Soccer has been doing a very good job. The organization is excellent. The lecturers have given us a lot of information about the topics and, so far, all of them have transferred their knowledge with great clarity.. I liked the practical lectures very much, and I think it will help me a lot in the future since I want to be a soccer manager. I also think that the practical experiences inside the clubs that we are going to have in the next stage of this course will be very helpful. Due to this, this Postgraduate Degree has been worthwhile. It exceeded my expectations and really impressed me.”

Name: Luca Lameira.

City: Brasília – DF.

Job/ Institution: Teacher of Physical Education.

Date: 29/07/2013.

“I learned a lot here. The level of graduation and expertise of the lecturers and the number of people who have concluded this Postgraduate Degree course and are now in the job market really caught my attention. The second part of this course is going to be very interesting. We will get to know the structures of the big clubs, and experience the practical part up close.”

Name: Alisson de Oliveira.

City: São Paulo – SP.

Job/ Institution: Soccer manager and Personal Trainer.

Date: 29/07/2013.

“The course exceeded all my expectations. Even though my degree is not related to the Physical Education discipline, I was able to learn a bit more about the area. I have to highlight the punctuality, organization and the quality of the lecturers, as well as their attention to the students. The unity and the collaboration of all classmates also helped a lot in the learning process. However, I think that some subjects should have had a greater number of hours, since they could have added so much more to the students.”

Name: Mauro Eluidson.

City: Juíz de Fora – MG.

Job/ Institution: Administrador.

Date: 29/07/2012.

“I have enjoyed the course a lot. There is a great variety of subjects and the syllabus is enough to cover all topics, which makes everything easier for us. I think the visits we will have in the next stage of the course will be very helpful. The practical experience will be rewarding.  The Postgraduate Degree here is worthwhile. The more we study, the more soccer areas we can explore.”

Name: Rafael Barreto.

City: Goiânia – GO.

Job/Institution: U-18 Coach at Goiás Esporte Clube.

Data: 29/07/2012.

“The program is very well organized. The way the topics are arranged contributes a lot to a better performance of the students. The interrelation among the processes will fulfill my professional education and drive my career. I hope the second part of the program to be even more attractive than the first. I want to better understand the tactical side of soccer. The postgraduate Degree in Soccer here is different from other programs. As it is organized in modules, the learning process is greater and faster. One topic is linked to the other. There is a connection among the contents. It is worthwhile to study here. Since UFV is a university of cultural values, there is a greater interaction among the students and a better learning process.”

Name: Uendell Macedo.

City: Salvador – BA.

Job/ Institution: Sport Club Corinthians.

“I enjoy the course very much. It surprised me in a positive way. The fact that the program is organized in intensive modules increases concentration a lot. I think it is very nice. The city is also great. Everything is close and food is cheap here. As we stay one month away from home, this is very important. I liked the lecturers’ qualifications and the facilities where the practical lessons were conducted. I am very excited for the next module. The trips will provide us with new knowledge. The course has given me a lot so far, mainly in theoretical terms. It opens our mind. Also, it gives the chance to get acquainted to other realities with people from different clubs. It helps improving our networking inside the soccer world.”

Name: Rafael Medrado.

City: São Paulo – SP.

Job/ Institution: São Paulo Fudebol Clube.

Data: 29/07/2012.


Amandio Augusto Pereira Filho
André Luis de Souza
Antonio Marques Mendes
Arlindo de Jesus Azevedo
Arnaldo Gomes da Cunha
Cristiano Diniz da Silva
Daniel Alves Ferreira Júnior
Edward Júnior Pinto
Fábio Barros Machado De Araújo
Fabrício Moreira Filgueira
Flávio Lúcio Lamas
Francinei Carvalho de Oliveira
Francisco Nilson dos Santos
Frederico Antonio Ferreira Silva
Gieser Rosa Coelho
Gilberto Caetano de Brito
Gustavo Zampieri
Jairo Hélio Júnior
José Cassio dos Santos
José Roberto Floriano
Leonardo De Souza Lima
Leonardo Rodrigues Martins
Lincohn Fernando Resende
Luis Carlos da Silva Ribeiro
Marcio Lopes de Oliveira
Paulo Henrique Santos da Fonseca
Paulo Libério da Silva
Rodolfo Enrique Fernandes Pomoni
Rodrigo Belo Cardozo
Rodrigo Dourado Mathias
Rodrigo Quintão Ferreira
Rogério Menon da Silva
Thiago Henrique Curam
Victor Fernandes Soares
Vitor Paulo de Melo
William de Jesus Almeida
Wanderlei José de Almeida Silva
Ailton Luiz Nogueira
Alessandro Júnior Mendes Fidelis
Alfredo de Oliveira Silva
Carlos Izoni de Carvalho
Charles Giovanni Ferraz Rodrigues
Charles Moura Netto
Cid Lima da Silva
Cristiano Francke Barcellos
Eduardo de Barros Fernandes
Érico Rocha Barbosa Costa
Flamarion Ribeiro de Souza
Francisco de Jesus Soares Junior
Francisco Marcelo Melo Araújo
Francisco Martins Freitas Leite
Franklin Ferreira De Melo
Guilherme Alves Felici
Gustavo Ribeiro Mozini
Igor Fagner Moraes Martins
Jorge Gabriel Mafia Feira
Jussara Auxiliadora Soares
Kleiton Queiroz Pereira
Leandro Gomes Gama
Leandro Mehlich
Luis Gustavo Lozano Malmegrin
Marcelo Batista Vilela
Mário Sidney Nolasco Júnior
Maurélio Miranda Silva
Robson Roberto Rita
Rodrigo Vianelo Gonçalves
Rodrigo Zuque Rodrigues
Romolo Falcão Marbá
Sandro Mafrinato
Sérgio de Souza Amaral
Sidnei Alisson Silva
Tcharlley Dieego Araújo Silva
Thales Villela Peterson
Alcides Barbosa Júnior
Alex Martins Guimarães
Andre Lavorato Aguiar
Augusto Moura de Oliveira
Christian Andrey Beltrami Tudisco
Daniel Pereira Coqueiro
Egleizer Melo
Fábio Kozievitcz Benvenuti
Felipe Rocha Mendes Teixeira
Felipe Rodrigues da Costa
Fernando Afonso Mendes Júnior
Fernando Ávila de Souza
Frederico Severino Júnior
Gilberto Pereira Martins
Guilherme Fonseca Ribeiro
Guilherme Morais Rabelo
Gustavo Bolsanelo Caliman
Hebert Soares Bernardino
José Antônio Soares Da Silva
José Carlos Kaid
Leandro de Oliveira Marinho
Luiz Eduardo da Silva
Luiz Américo da Silva Dias
Luiz Antônio de Oliveira Ramos Filho
Luizir Alberto de Souza Lima Júnior
Mario Henrique de Oliveira Júnior
Nísio Cunha Medeiros
Otavio Rodrigues de Paula
Peter Nassifi Barezani
Rafael Augusto Penteado Guerra
Rafael Bertulozo Ferreira
Rafael Hoth Pacheco
Raphael de Miranda Rocha
Renato Pereira dos Santos
Renato Batista dos Santos
Ricardo Ribeiro Bento
Rodrigo José de Resende Aguiar
Sebastião Alan Ferreira
Tiago Roncheti Thomaz
Vanderson da Silva Passos
Ygor Raphael Feltrim
Alan Dealis Bilhéo
Alexandre de Abreu Belo
Alexandre Pereira Lopes Junior
André de Paula Monteiro
André Luiz da Silva Almeida
Belaunia Huamán Israel Josrge
Bruno Garcia Motta
Carlos Ramiro Fernandes da Quinta
Cincunegui de Faria
Diego Campos de Faria
Diogo Henrique Constantino Coledam
Douglas Tiago Nardi
Elizeu Antônio de Assis
Fernando Fraga de Borba
Flamarion Ribeiro de Souza
Franklin Ferreira de Melo
Geraldo Magela de Assis
Guilherme Marques de Barros Betti
Igor Surian de Sousa Brito
João Batista Neves Guelber Junior
José Reis Mauri
Joseph Cristian Pimentel dos Reis
Judá Eckert Berto
Leandro de Luna Cavalcanti
Leonardo Perin Ribeiro
Luiz Fernando Bergamin
Luiz Tomaz Koike
Luís Henrique Lobo Silame Gomes
Manoel Eurico Miranda da Silva
Marcelo Kaster Belletti
Marco Antonio Figueiredo Guedes
Marcos Gomes Valadares
Matheus Valeriano Rosa
Milton Carlos Luna Junior
Paulo Henrique Guilhermino Barreto
Paulo Sérgio Gazola Quintas
Rafael Lima Rangel
Rafael Novaes Dias
Renato Lopes Moreira
Ricardo de Castro Felipe
Ricardo Vidal Alves Corrêa
Robert Silveira Utsch
Rodrigo da Silveira
Saulo de Almeida Silva
Sergio Luiz Monteiro da Penha
Thiago Henrique Curan
Thiago Vinicius de Almeida Santos
Thomas Henrique Oliveira Jorge
Victor Malta Teixeira
Welton Moreira Cabral
Alcides Soares de Oliveira
Alexsander Nascif de Barros
Alisson de Santana Leite
André Alves de Oliveira
Bruno de Souza Cabral
Caio Augusto Grigoletto de Oliveira
Caio Falcão Leite
Cássio da Rosa Vieira
Charles Giovanni Ferraz Rodrigues
Claudius Rodrigues Medeiros
Cleiton Júnio da Silva
Dalton Pinheiro Pinto
Daniel Costa Matos
Daniel Magalhães Pinto
Eduardo Braga de Oliveira
Eduardo Gomes de Castro
Emanuel Cerqueira Bastos
Felipe Pereira da Silva
Filipe de Oliveira Fernandes
Geraldo Majella Teixeira Tempone
Glauber Fernando de Souza Caldas
Gustavo Moreira Falcão
Hemilton Jose da Silva
Hugo de Almeida Carvalho
Igor Henriques Guerra
Jorge Augusto Silva Santos
José Olympio de Almeida Villarinho
Kleiton Queiroz Pereira
Laion França Sena
Leandro Feres Gama Santos
Luiz Carlos Guedes Garcia
Luiz Carlos Laudiosa
Marcelo Figueiredo Silva
Marcelo Ribeiro Ramos
Marcos Giovannoni Oliveira
Murilo Balbino Guimarães
Patrick Freire Bandeira de Mello
Pedro Henrique Gavioli Fonseca
Rafael Damasceno Oliveira
Rennan Soares da Cunha
Ricardo José Belli
Robson Harlley de Souza Miranda
Rodrigo Belo Cardozo
Rogerio Martins da Silva
Sérgio Eduardo Gomes Rezende
Thiago Azevedo da Silva
Tiago Nascimento Silva
Wanderlei José de Almeida Silva
Wilson Douglas Assumpção
Alexandre Vinícius Bobato Tozetto
Anderson Mateus Viriato
Angelo Antunes Sousa Santos
Bruno Botelho Abreu Nascimento
Bruno da Silveira Rogel Bueno
Bruno Jackson Lima de Almeida
Bruno Marcolino Gonçalves
Caito André Kunrath
Dante Luís Pereira
Davi Correia da Silva
Diógenes Henrique Jordão
Eduardo Henrique Bernardo de Oliveira
Elton Higo Medina Mota
Fabrício Souza da Silva
Gustavo Caspani Dubois
João Vitor de Assis
Johel Abrahão Vieira Fonseca
José Maria Barbosa
Lucas Silveira Barezani
Luciano Henrique Fidêncio
Luiz Fernando de Sousa Silva
Marlos Adroaldo Heinrich
Paulo Roberto Bento de Castro Júnior
Pedro Assunção Peito Macedo
Rafael de Oliveira Barreto
Rafael Gustavo da Silva Duarte Medrado
Rafael Lupes
Ramon Cardoso Lima
Raphael Martins de Souza
Ricardo Franco Alves
Rodrigo de Miranda Monteiro Santos
Thiago da Silva Ribeiro
Thiago Pereira Santa Bárbara
Tiago Lucas Moreira Lima
Uendell Macedo Silva
Vanderson Luiz Alves Pereira
Winder Sant’Ana de Souza
Guilherme Afonso Marchi
Weliton Carlos da Silva
Adriano de Oliveira Gomes
Alisson de Oliveira Freire
André Felipe Silva Neri
Carlos Magno Fernandes Filho
Cauan Felipe De Almeida
Dennis Nícolas Cardoso Dantas
Fabio Augusto Hackenhaar
Gabriel Gagliardi Barbero
Guilherme Martins Stroppa
Igor Gonçalves De Oliveira
José Guilherme Caricchio Rosa
Jose Roberto Veiga Vieira
José Ronaldo Alves Albuquerque Júnior
Juarez Kern Jover
Juliano Da Cunha Okubo
Leandro Rates De Mendonça
Leonardo Cherede Dutra
Luca Lameira Antunes
Lucas Pereira Moreira
Lucas Prudente Alves de Araujo
Marcel Virgolino Silva Malta
Marcelo Odilon Cabral de Andrade
Marlon Araújo Bispo
Mauro Eluidson Furtado
Paoline Faria Gomes
Pedro Henrique Alexandre
Pedro Tadeu Cozza Junior
Rafael Paes Baptista de Oliveira
Rafael Stucchi Boschi
Ricardo Campos Lobosque Senna
Ricardo Ferreira Machado
Rodrigo de Brito Ferreira
Sandro Aparecido  Leite Penteado
Suhey Salim Ferreira Dos Santos
Vânderson Rezende Firmiano
Victor Amorim Farias Andrade de Souza
Wellington Loterio Siqueira
Wellington Vinícius Da Silva Sales
Wendel Satil Valadares
Alessandro de Oliveira Barros
Alexandre Henrique Alves
Bruno Ferreira Martinelli
Carlos Eduardo Vieira Vasconcelos
Cássio Luiz Maciel da Silva
David Lucas Castro Reis
Deysiane Peres da Silva
Diego Magri de Gonçalves Moraes
Diêgo William Carneiro de Almeida Correia
Enderson Silva Euzébio
Felippe da Silva Leite Cardoso
Filipe do Nascimento Leal Nunes
Flávio Augusto de Araújo Rosa
Glegson Pereira da Silva Santos
Grégory Hallé Petiot
Guilherme Alexandre Borean Borgh
Heleno Soares Mendes
Henrique Bueno Américo
Henrique Guedes Araujo
Hugo José Nogueira Correa
Jose da Câmara Vieira Junior
Júlia de Almeida Zani
Julio César Pinto Procópio
Leandro Campos Borges
Lucas Arantes Carvalho
Lucas Eduardo Nunes
Luiz Felipe Pinto Oliveira da Motta
Mairon Céssar Moreira
Marcelo Rossetti
Marcos Antônio Mattos dos Reis
Mateus Pinto Lima
Michelle Leal Rios
Miguel Angelo Carrenho Pila
Muriel Alves Fernandes
Paulo Ferreira de Moraes
Rafael Lopes dos Santos
Rafael Toshio Bagatin
Renata Soares Faria
Rhafael Barbosa Almedanha
Rodrigo dos Santos Guimarães
Rodrigo Magalhães Patriani Rodrigues
Rogêrio Dilon da Silva Velinho
Ronaldo Lopes Vieira
Samuel do Carmo Fernandes
Sergio Pereira da Silva
Vicente Geraldo do Carmo
Vitor Ferreira Neves
Wagner Ellwanger
Wagner Flávio Ramos
Ada Fernanda Pereira Santos Lima
Adrian Michel Castro Gomes de Oliveira
Adriel Leal da Costa Santos
Breno Luis Queiróz da Cunha
Bruno Garcia de Camargo
Cleber Destro Mata
Diego Azambuja Giordano
Fabiano de Souza Jesus
Fernando Alves Arcanjo
Fernando Becker
Fernando de Jesus Oliveira Filho
Filipi Rubbo Soares
Guilherme Augusto Hoth
Guilherme Figueiredo Machado
Guilherme Pereira Fernandes
Gustavo Tavares da Costa
Irênio Gomes Filho
João Pedro Moraes Rissati
Joao Vitor Laender Guimarães
Jorge Eliecer Montaño Angulo
Jorge Lucas Ferreira do Nascimento
Leandro Cristiano de Santana
Levindo Ildeu Lopes Xavier
Lucas Carneiro do Nascimento
Lucas Henriques Tavares Fajardo
Lucas Mariano Costa
Lúcio Flávio Freire de Araújo
Luiz Felipe Todeschini
Marcelo de Abreu Brazão
Márlon Salomão Lopes do Nascimento
Maurício Chico Teixeira Junior
Michele Aline Kanitz
Paulo Marcus Henriques Balthar
Pedro Henrique Avila de Salles
Rafael de Oliveira Ildefonso
Rafael Sundermann Sposito
Renan Mendes
Renato Gomes Gonçalves
Roberto Stassart Ferreira
Robinson Soares Gomes
Tomas Andreas Scheiber Scherer
Vinicius Rodrigues Castellassi
Vinicius Rovariz Teixeira de Araujo

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