6º Edition – Oct/2017

1 – 6º SOCCER EXPERIENCE – Development and  Management of great talents   – Oct/2017

The Centre of Research and Studies in Soccer (NUPEF) will hold, starting on October 24, in Viçosa-MG, Brazil, the 6th Soccer Experience.

In its 6th edition, Soccer Experience will be attended by national and international invited speakers with great knowledge on Soccer, in both academic and practical fields. Among the international guests, we highlight Professor Doctor Andrew Mark Williams, from the University of Utah and Professors Doctors Júlio Garganta and José Guilherme, from the University of Porto.

Professor Doctor Andrew Mark Williams is one of the world’s leading researchers in Decision Making and Expert Performance, besides working as a lecturer at the English Football Association (FA) Level 5 Coaching Course. As for Professor Júlio Garganta, he is a reference in investigations related to Talent Identification and Match Analysis, having also performed important functions at the Portuguese National Soccer Team and worked as a lecturer at the UEFA PRO Coaching Course. Professor José Guilherme is one of the leading authorities on the subject of Tactical Periodization, besides having worked for years as a youth academy coach at FC Porto and the Portuguese National Team.

Besides Professor Doctor Mark Williams, Júlio Garganta and José Guilherme, some national invited speakers of great relevance are already confirmed for this edition of Soccer Experience. Among them, we highlight Professors Alcides Scaglia, Eduardo Pimenta, Israel Teoldo, João Carlos Bouzas, Próspero Paoli, René Simões and Varley Teoldo.

The 6th Soccer Experience is an excellent opportunity to improve knowledge about Soccer and share experiences with researchers, coaches, managers and many other professionals from universities and soccer clubs.

In this edition of Soccer Experience an area for presentation of academic research will be provided. Therefore, those interested in doing so, will be able to share their experiences with us by displaying a sample of the works they have been conducting.



2.1 – International Spearkers





2.2 – National Spearkers

Palestrantes confirmados  - Site InglÊs


2. – Know our lectures

Mark WilliamsJulio GargantaJosé GuilhermeRené Simões

Varley CostaPróspero PaoliMarcelo XavierJoão Bouzas

Israel TeoldoEduardo PimentaCarlos ThiengoAlcides Scaglia (1)



Please find below the official schedule of the 6th Soccer Experience

àThe first 50 registered participants are allowed to attend the Mini-Workshops for free!

Official Schedule of the 6th Soccer Experience

cronograma soccer en

*This schedule is subject to change due to labour and emergency demands of the speakers.

**To attend this activity, interested participants should call +55(31) 3899-2249 or e-mail jcbouzas@ufv.br to check availability and costs.

***Upon adhesion

****To attend this activity, interested participants should access the link www.tetrabrazil.com.br/soccerexperience to check availability and costs.

OBS: The Mini-Courses and Mini-Workshops may be cancelled in case the minimum required amount of 20 people has not been achieved.


Soon, we will be releasing the full schedule of 6º Soccer Experience



Those who are interested  in submitted work to the 6º Soccer Experience should  pay attention in the rules for submission of papers and  the deadlines for registration in the event.




Programação - site inglês






Only abstracts in Portuguese, English or Spanish will be accepted

Only abstracts submitted according to the guidelines below will be considered for evaluation:

Normas para submissão - Site inglês






























In order to submit the abstracts, the interested authors must access the submission link and complete the form (LINK).

Then the authors must prepare the abstracts following the norms and Template below (LINK).

Subsequently, the abstracts must be sent to the review of the scientific committee by e-mail: soccerexperience.submissao@gmail.com


5.3 Presentation Format

During the abstract submission process authors must choose the format of presentation (oral or poster):

OBS: There is a maximum limit of two (2) presentations by each person.


5.3.1 Panel Rules

The panel must be prepared by the authors, if the abstract submitted to the 6th Soccer Experience is approved for presentation.

1 – Panel’s structure and content

Panel’s Dimensions

  • Width: 90cm
  • Height: 120cm

Items that must included in the panel:

  • Header with the name and logo of the Institution;
  • Title (identical to the accepted abstract);
  • Authors’ names and institution;
  • Topic;
  • Introduction; Aims; Methods; Results and Conclusions. If deemed essential,, the main references may be included.
  • Funding agency if there is one.

Other considerations:

  • The panel must be clear and illustrated with figures, photos, tables or other graphical resources;
  • The information must be organized in a way that the central ideas of the project are easily comprehensible;
  • The text of the panel must have a font size that enables reading at a distance of at least 1 meter.

2 – Panel’s Presentation:

  1. The authors must place the panel on the day indicated by the organization of the 6th Soccer Experience.
  2. A location will be reserved with a hook for each panel on presentation day, identified by the panel number.
  3. The first author must be the one presenting the panel. In the case of a justified impediment, the project must be presented by a co-author. The co-author must personally justify the first author’s absence to the evaluator. Third parties (non-authors of the project) are strictly forbidden to present the panel. The advisor can not present the project for his/her student.
  4. The author must be next to the panel during the entire session. It is important the author does not leave, under the risk of not being evaluated.
  5. The panel must be removed immediately after the end of the presentation session.


5.3.2-Norms for Oral Presentation

  • Oral presentations will be held in sessions with four (4) speakers divided according to the selected thematic area.
  • Oral presentations will be held in the day, time e room indicated by the 6ºSoccer Experience organization committee.
  • Speakers will be allocated ten (10) to fifteen (15) minutes for their presentation and five (5) minutes for discussion with the audience and evaluators. Speakers must remain in the room until the end of the last presentation.
  • Presentations must be created as Slides with the Microsoft Power Point. A computer and a multimedia projector will be available in each room for presentations. Speakers must deliver the presentation file before the beginning of each session for a staff member responsible for the room.




President of the Congress

Prof. Dr. Israel Teoldo da Costa


Members of the Coordinating Committee  

Prof. Dr. João Carlos Bouzas Marins

Prof. Dr. Próspero Brum Paoli


Members of Organizing Committee

Prof. Msc. Felippe da Silva Leite Cardoso

Prof. Msc. Marcelo Odilon Cabral de Andrade

Prof. Guilherme Figueiredo Machado


Presidente of Scientific Committee

Prof. Dr. João Carlos Bouzas Marins


Members of Scientific Committee

Profa. Dra. Amanda Piaia Silvatti – UFV

Prf. Dr. Anderson da Cunha Baia – UFV

Prof. Dr. Antônio José Natali – UFV

Prof. Dr. Cristiano Diniz da Silva – UFJF/GV

Prof. Dr. Emerson Filipino Coelho – UFOP

Prof. Msc. Felipe Moniz Carvalho – FAGOC

Prof. Msc. Felippe da Silva Leite Cardoso

Profa. Dr. Fernanda Karina dos Santos – UFV

Prof. Dr. Israel Teoldo da Costa – UFV

Prof. Dr. Jeferson Macedo Vianna – UFJF

Prof. Dr. João Carlos Bouzas Marins – UFV

Prof. Dr. José Geraldo do C. Salles – UFV

Prof. Dra. Ludmila Mourão – UFJF

Prof. Dr. Marcelo de Oliveira Matta – UFJF

Prof. Msc. Marcelo Odilon Cabral de Andrade – FDV

Profa. Dra. Mariana Calábria Lopes – UFV

Prof. Dr. Maurício Gattás Bara Filho – UFJF

Prof. Dr. Miguel Araujo Carneiro-Júnior – FAGOC

Prof. Dr. Paulo Roberto dos Santos Amorim – UFV

Prof. Dr. Paulo Lanes Lobato – UFV

Prof. Dr. Próspero Brum Paoli – UFV

Prof. Msc. Rodrigo de Miranda Monteiro Santos – FDV

Prof. Dr. Thales Nicolau Primola Gomes – UFV



 Agência de apoio - atualizadas


7.1 – Parterners

 Imagem parceiros


In case of queries, you can contact us by the email: soccerexperience.nupef@gmail.com

For more Information, please visit our website: https://nucleofutebol.ufv.br/

Center of Research and Studies in Soccer (NUPEF) – 55 (31) 3899-2251





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